Tick Tock Goes the Clock

EarthI have an amazing life. It’s been a journey and it’s been emotional BUT in the end, I can die tomorrow with the knowledge that this life was an amazing Ride. So, now you know I am cool with being Unplugged.

I have lived the majority of my life alone. Even in my marriage, I was deeply lonely. I lived on the street, alone and have been without my family for years. I am now, officially comfortable with ME. Its taken a while to really get to a place where I am enjoying my solitude.

I am furthest from Rich, Wise or stunning BUT I am blessed with a terrific daughter, several challenges that have become and will become rewarding. I have this deep desire to be better today than I was yesterday. I have fallen back in love with myself and for that I am grateful. I have had the opportunity to learn about this very neat, deeply complex and this delicious human that I am.

I have lived a roller coaster ride- that in the last 39 years- offered me many moments of

“Hell YA! LET’S do this.”

And many more moments of

“Please, I just want off. I can’t do this anymore”.

What I have discovered is that it’s all short lived.

                                                      The bullshit.  2693438511_052c33491a_o

                                                      The Games.

                                                     The People.

                                                           All short lived.

No one can make YOU do anything without you doing it. No one can force you to be ANYTHING that you don’t WANT to be. Excuses aside, you are who you are and who you CHOOSE to be. If someone hurts you, you can leave. I know all too well what it’s like to be battered and the loyalties of staying “because they will never do it again” or you stay because of the kids.

I know that ALL too well.

BUT at the end of the journey, it’s all about time.

How do you use your time? How do you want to use your time? Time is this allusive creature. Its as fast and as slow as it wants to be and YOU never have control. One day you are here and the next you are not. You may be in perfect health today and contract something tomorrow. A person NEVER knows and boy, to take THAT for granted really makes our humanness delicate. BUT our Egos are so large at times that we neglect the very fact that time and human are too delicate balls that we need to juggle with care and tenderness.

eye time

See, people have time and for the most part your life is a waiting Game. I know that Chloe and I will eventually be in our home in Florida. BUT we have to wait a year or two longer. My ex uses this time to be combative and wasteful with what’s left of his time with our daughter. That’s HIS choice and we left that.

I know that I will obtain my Master Degree in TIME and in time I will MASTER TIME itself. I know that our debts will go away….. over time.

I know, that in TIME, this last year will be a story to tell of learning, success and achievement but now it hurts like hell.

I am well aware, now, that time is like cold molasses and will go as fast as it chooses. THAT has always been a pain.

Time goes as fast or slow as it wants and never as I do!


My point is, reflect today on what and HOW you want to spend your time.

Do you really WANT to wallow around in self-pity?

Do you want to spend YOUR time With Drama Suckers and Energy Vampires?

Do you really want to argue with someone who just wants to pick a fight?

Do you want to fear the rest of your life or LIVE it?

TIME is the ultimate currency….of being HUMAN.

Think about how much you spend? Are you RICH in time or POOR in experience?World-Currency-symbols-300x300


Until next TIME……

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