Today is the DAY!


today is day 1It’s a cool sunday morning here on the west coast of Florida. The sounds of birds and nothingness fill the air. As Chloe sleeps, I listen to my meditation music to clear all of my Chakras. Bella lies along Chloe, sleeping too. Every few moments a bird chirps and the breeze bellows through our opened door. A first since all of this mess. We have not enjoyed the door being open in a few years. We lived under drug addicts last year and the year before that we lived on Main st. We lived in a messy town with a messy system. Now we are free. No drug addicts here. Everyone on our strip keeps to themselves. Our neighbor across the street helps me greatly by keeping the lawn tidy and he keeps the bugs at bay. Otherwise, we see nor hear anyone.

Today is the Day!!

We might just win the lottery or get to laugh uncontrollably. Yes, today is the DAY to let go. I feel it. I just know. Our lives are turning around for the better and it’s every little step and every little bit of gratitude. Yes, today is the day to allow and open doors.Every Act of Healing

Chloe is doing well in school and she finally invited her friends over. It’s hard when you’re introverted to reachout. I know she is also afraid to get too close as her father is still trying to take her from me. This battle of TIT for TAT that he plays. She knows the truths and yet he tells her story’s that are not so truthful. She needs to be a kid and in that , she needs to have the front door open and she needs to enjoy the NOW. So, we try to stay focused on the here and now and I remind her not to worry so much. She needs to reach out and be a kid. She wants to join the swim team and I am all for it. Water is cleansing and it’s a great stress reliever. We work on that tomorrow as tryouts are Saturday Morning.

There is a shift and it’s for the better. Chloe and I have been working hard to rebuild and I feel that it’s finally showing. When we walk, we are walking taller. We laugh deeper and we rest easier. The stress is still there as there is unfinished business and our fears still lurk around the corner hoping to keep us on our toes. BUT Today is the day to images-1open doors and to do a little bit of NOTHING. To rest our souls, our bodies and to gain our strength.

I am tirelessly reaching out to tell our story and I am exhausted from having to live through such a long fight. BUT, Today, I feel as though we have made headway and the crispness of the air reminds me that all seasons come and go. New growth comes from the old death. So, maybe our old selves dieing was making room for our new growth.

Ah, that would be wonderful to feel!IMG_7643

                                              Until next time…………………[1]Tainted Elegance10390478_10152944099439244_6272216287366748277_n[2]

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