TRASH the Box!!!

images-2We love Boxes. As Children, the box was the MECCA of Creative Spirit. The possibilities are endless with a box. The box is a crayon, pencil or paints WORST nightmare! The crayon looks in terror at the box with fear as the Crayon knows that it will become smaller. A box is the simplest of toys and causes so much pleasure to all ages. (It can also cause PAIN. I always have a point.) A box can transform into anything and EVERYTHING and the only requirement is the imagination of the box keeper. Depending on the size of the box, the stories and creations are endless.

A simple box can and usually is of pleasure. It comes with 4 sides, made of cardboard, sometimes with a top and bottom. Sometimes, just a bottom. The box can be anything the child wants to imagine like a space ship, sports car, doll house, castle or the secret hide out for club members only. A box has so many uses too! From Childs play to moving day the possibilities of the box are really and truly endless.

Boxes where created to contain, store and to be a plaything. Its structured in a such a way it allows certain weights for storage. But to live in a box? Why would we enclose our selves, store ourselves and not be free to be ourselves? Why do we prevent ourselves from stretching? Why do we purposely surround ourselves with walls?

Why do we LOVE the box?

We live in boxes. Work in Boxes, school boxes and spiritual boxes. All we have allowed ourselves are 4 corners, a top and a bottom. This very thinking is why so many thought the earth is flat. Now, after some ‘out of the box thinking’ we know its round. I am not suggesting living in a ball like a hamster. But if you have to begin somewhere, I would say at least in a ball you can move around. Roll Around. My whole point is that we have to TRASH the box!

See, as a child we are conditioned to think the box is a creative wondrous tool. As an adult we box ourselves into thinking that we are less then perfect. That we have to fit a certain idea or in a certain box. That our jobs, roles and gender can only be one way. We can only act in a certain way. We have even designed our society in such a way that our looks are boxed. We are not able to be fat, fluffy, skinny, crooked, tall short or even anything human. So, if you are not 6ft tall, 150lbs and with perfect teeth…your box may be recycled. Or you might be looking to squeeze into a box that really doesn’t belong to you.

What we have managed to forget in our search for the perfect box, is that boxes might have 4 corners, a top and a bottom BUT they also come in different sizes. Shoot, NOW they come Zebra Stripped, Pin Striped, Polka dots and in Color! A Techna-color Swirl of Boxes! Don’t step into the one size fits all box.

(I am not just referring to body here. I am referring to Mind, body and Soul.)images-1

They also come with openings to the outside. You know, the outside of the box? Its there. After the opening, that seems to be closed but if you push on the top of your box, you might see light. (not THAT kind of light. Gesh) Anyway…..

Everywhere I turn I hear or see some new “How to improve” me drug, treatment, exercise, soup or crazy blending machine. At the check out line, there are dozens of sentences in a row that imply my arms are flabby, my ass is curdling, my mind is slow, or that my “ME” isn’t what YOU, the magazine buyer wants to see. Of course these tips and tricks for self-improvement are smack in the middle of the Chocolate, chips, jerky’s and high fructose corn syrup fuzzy drinks. What else can a gal do when she is being hounded to be something different then who she is?

STUFF YOUR FACE!chipmunk stuff face

Really? I perceive that’s exactly what the smart people who set up the check out line implies. Here is a cure for your look and if you fail…sooth yourself with candy and soda. Its ok. Really. Try and Try again. Right? The Rows of Articles that you “HAVE TO CHANGE NOW” and your box isn’t good enough become overwhelming clear. Even at the Gym. The gym is the PERFECT place for a TV set right? Another brilliant Idea. The Shows range from Violence, depressing news to new Work out programs because you at the Gym and well….it isn’t working? I am confused.

(-Rant almost over-promise)

I am in NO way, shape or form saying that if YOU want to loose weight, change your eating habits or improve some part of you, that you shouldn’t. What I am saying is don’t get sucked into that box! The one that slowly eats away at your self worth, self esteem and consumes your life with dreadful, negative self talk. If you want to speak a language or paint and need lessons, go get them. You are no less brilliant then Vangough. You might have to work harder but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Frankly, as I get older, I have really become clear that no one has the right to judge or criticize me but me. I am, at the end of the day, the one who chooses to make changes for myself. I don’t think judging or criticizing is healthy. I do think that being real, authentic and truthful is. However, some folks have taken this WAY too seriously. See, negatives are negatives no matter how the words roll off your tongue. If you can offer only negatives and can not follow up with any constructive words, then you are just as destructive as those magazine, commercials and “reality TV shows” we seem to fill our lives with.

Constructive Thinking is the type of thinking that allows you the knowing that maybe you need to shave off a few pounds or to stop smoking to ensure better health. You do what you need to do too make those changes. Positively.

Destructive Thinking is “Oh my. My Ass is so fat. Sagging and I am in double digits instead of the single one that she wears. Man, I am gross” and then the self sabotaging behaviors kick in. You in turn eat more, exercise less and maybe even use diets to loose a few lbs here and there. Only to gain back twice as much as you lost! But all of these efforts are half because you don’t really FEEL it.images-3

Constructive Thinking VS Destructive Thinking!

Love Handles Vs Muffin Tops?

How DID we go from referring to this area of the body as “Love Handles” (bow chicka bow wow) to a muffin top? Even as a Celiac I know that Muffin tops are all that anyone really eats, so how did this become a public DESTRUCTIVE analogy? Prior to marriage, “love handles” was a sign of how manly a man was. (purr..) But, No longer.

So, my final thought is that we need to look at our boxes and see what they truly, authentically mean to us. What power do our boxes have over us or hold for us. Constructive? Destructive? How do we shape our lives to fit into which box and when did our boxes turn from this pleasure source of fantasy and imagination to a source of stagnation and negative thinking?

Oh, screw this! Just jump on that BOX!


DO not allow it to survive! Pour paint on it! That box is SOOOOO yesterday. Why? Because, we are not made to live in a box! We are not made of cardboard. We are not made to breath box air OR to squeeze our bodies into a square shape. WE ARE NOT A BOX! Can you hear me now?

We are, human! We are love. We are unique and powerful. So, lets forget the “box.” Lets LOVE ourselves.

I have a roll of Duct Tape, who wants to build a Fort with all those boxes?

Until next time…….


Understand that this blog was in spirit of Crushing the Mental boxes we seem to trap ourselves in. I do not, will not and can not (legally) endorse the Crushing, Stuffing, burning, Coloring, Beating or any form of brutality of Boxes, to include but not dis-clude, Said Boxes, families of Boxes, Card Board, paper, Trees or Squirrels. Or therein, other non existent or existent members of the Paper/Cardboard tribe.


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  1. Chad says:

    Im impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog thats both equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you, youve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something which too few people are speaking intelligently about. Im very happy I came across this in my search for something regarding this.

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