Unwrapping myself

Unknown-2As I sit here on Christmas Day, I get into a reflective mode. I read through hundreds of FaceBook Post’s about 2014 being a trying year and trying times. I am so happy that I was not alone this year! Chloe is putting her new gifts away and Bella is circling around the bottom of my chair like a shark waiting for me to drop a leg. Chloe will be leaving to visit her birth father soon and well, I am unsure what I will do. Work most likely.images

See, my ex makes it very difficult

for us to see my family.

Well, what is left of it.

My Ex strongly believes that because I am adopted, my family has no value to my daughter as you will read in my new book “In Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare”. He is also under the impression that Chloe only needs his family and not even me. Its sad and I am forced to just live with this as the courts accept this as the best interest for my daughter.forget

Alas, I have had to make major sacrifices this year AND have suffered major loss’s.I have been abandon AGAIN and I can tell you it was much easier this year than it was when I was a child. Nonetheless, it hurts. I missed my brothers wedding and I miss my home in Florida. I also lost a child due to a very dangerous and rare form of ectopic pregnancy. I lost a great job, too.

I have spent every last dime I had on fighting the Ex and the Court’s and we are borderline bankrupt. But I was not going to give up,I will not and yet, I don’t think that Justice prevails anymore. Our system is so badly broken and seems to only hurt families.  But it was my choice to keep fighting and well, the final cost was……….


Dont pull out the violin just yet.


2014 was actually a terrific year. I have lived through a lot but I have also found strength that I never knew I had, an amazing will to survive and I have remembered how fragile I really am. I have learned to be angry and to cry. I have learned that in life, even those who are closest will eventually leave for they are on their own journey. I have learned that in my weakest point, I was stronger than I knew and I am a wonderful person. I learned to love myself. I have walked with my head high, with grace and with the knowing that this too shall pass. I have passed this years universal lesson with flying colors and will continue to love, work hard and play hard.

After all has been said and done, 2014 was a tough year for us. BUT we still loved, laughed, helped where we could, healed and made the most out of it. We learned a lot and we passed the tests. I know that I worked my fanny off to make 2015 even better and my dreams, light and love are still very much a live. Bigger and brighter than ever! I decided that I am only going to focus on the success’s that we have had through out a very trying year. That is how 2015 will be more successful and how I will get us back on our feet.

BRING ON 2015 as I know we are ready……

images                                               May your 2015 be awesome!

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