Welcome to Living & Thriving with Rustie Blogg

          As I go through my human experience I will encounter many things. I am sharing this blog with you as I experience life. I want to share with  you the moments as they happen and my views as a coach and as a human. I know at times I will be very clear as to my personal views on certain aspects of my journey and I ask that you take it or leave it. I don’t set out to offend but indeed may, so please understand that. I will appreciate that some of you will read my journey and find lessons that resonate with your path and help you. Whereas, others may find this blog not to be of their liking. Perfectly fine. However, please keep in mind  this is my opinion and how I would fix, change or offer a solution. You may differ.


         In saying all of this, Welcome to Living &  Thriving with Rustie. I am so glad you are here and thrilled to offer a BLOG. This is a new adventure for me and I am learning everyday. So, feel free to email me with your suggestions, comments and offerings. Also, don’t forget to tune in weekly as I broadcast live Sunday nights 6:30 PM EST and Wednesdays 1PM EST.



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